Recover our economy

Let's recover our economy by creating jobs that solve long-term challenges – like jobs in renewables and clean transport!  

2020 has been bumpy for many of us. Let's recover our economy by creating jobs that solve long-term challenges.

Queensland has incredible job opportunities to get communities back on track and set the Sunshine State up for the future. We’re on the brink of a renewables boom that will open up thousands of new jobs for engineers, truck drivers, electricians and mechanics, in renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transport.

We’ve already seen a huge expansion of clean energy jobs in Queensland over the past five years. With government leadership, we can recover Queensland’s economy and create 20,000 new, future-proof jobs in the construction of renewable energy projects, and an additional 4,000 ongoing jobs in operations and maintenance.

Don Drane, Facility Manager, Warwick Solar Farm

I live and work in Warwick. We make plenty of energy for our communities. And jobs too. We’ve proven we can – so let’s do it all over Queensland

Don Drane, Facility Manager, Warwick Solar Farm

Don's story

Don Drane, a facility manager at Warwick Solar Farm, loves his job. He’s proud of how small communities – like Warwick, population 15,380 – can be part of big renewable solutions.

Owned by the University of Queensland, the solar farm will generate enough power to take the equivalent of 50,000 cars off the road annually and power around 27,000 homes. As well as generating energy from the sun, the farm is a teaching tool for engineering students and grass and shade for local sheep.

Best of all, Don sees Warwick Solar Farm as an act of leadership that demonstrates that a transition to renewables can be done at scale, that’s practicable and makes economic sense.