Renew our energy

Let's ramp up renewable energy and battery storage – and export Queensland sunshine to the world.  

The renewable energy boom is well underway in Queensland, with current renewable projects on track to provide more than one-third of the state’s power consumption within the next five years. If all of these projects are completed, they will generate more than 10,000 GWh of Queensland’s electricity needs – enough clean, renewable energy to power 2 million Queensland households.

These existing renewables projects are just the beginning. With government leadership, we can make Queensland a renewable energy superpower. Let's turbo-charge jobs in renewables and make our electricity grid and transmission infrastructure reliable, resilient and fit for the 21st century. We can also create jobs upgrading existing industries to make them energy efficient and renewable. Australia is one of the best-placed countries in the world to develop a renewable energy export industry and to use renewable hydrogen to reduce emissions across our economy. With government leadership, Queensland can export clean energy to the world!

Abby Bernath, Gold Coast lifeguard

I love it how we use sunshine to power these swimming pools!

Abby Bernath, Gold Coast lifeguard

As a surfer, lifeguard and marine biology student, 21-year old Abby Bernath spends a lot of time in the sun, wind and waves. Although Covid-19 threw a spanner in her travel plans for now, Abby has big dreams for the future. One day, she'd like to start her own ecotourism business to show people the wonders of the world, while looking after nature.

She also has big dreams for Queensland. With so much sunshine and wind, she thinks renewing our energy system is a huge opportunity to create jobs and solve long-term challenges.

At the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre where she's a lifeguard, she's seen first hand the value of solar. Not only do the 1300 panels supply all the centre's energy needs (including six heated swimming pools), they save the community lots of money. They're also proof that where there's a will, there's a way. 

Abby hopes Queensland will lead the country on climate solutions – and be beautiful one day, renewable the next.