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Our elected representatives have a big role to play creating sustainable jobs and solving long-term challenges. Let's ask our elected representatives to lead the way.  

There are so many amazing opportunities to get people back on the feet while setting Queensland up for the future. All we're missing is the political leadership. Sign this petition to ask elected representatives from all parties to work together to: 

  • Recover our communities with future-proof jobs that solve long-term problems
  • Rebuild our economy to make it climate and nature-positive
  • Renew our energy system so it’s clean and sustainable for the 21st century 

Sign the petition

Learn how to contact your elected representative

Sick of groaning at the TV and type-yelling on Twitter? Roll up your sleeves and flex your democracy muscles!  

We elect people in our Parliaments to represent our views – so why not contact your MP to tell them what you're thinking? It's their actual job to listen to you. 

Not sure where to start? Join us for a practical webinar on how to engage your local representatives on the issues you care about, or download our handy toolkit. 

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